Professional Services

Companies must integrate new technologies and applications using limited resources, as well as improve how they store and manage data, keep current with ever changing technologies, and manage everyday IT challenges.

Our Professional Services assist enterprises to conquer the challenges associated with managing dispersed technologies and evolving business processes while maintaining consistent application performance and providing secure access to information.

Our solutions include: data center, business continuity, virtualization, storage, application infrastructure and development, as well as cloud services.

Real-time Customer Satisfaction

Northern Backup prides in providing the best customer experience possible.

We publish our satisfaction rating here and provide detailed automated weekly reporting to our clients.


Our design team will build detailed network designs for your IT infrastructure, applications, operations processes, and network management.


Success requires knowing your business, understanding the technology that suits your needs, and executing a proper plan.

Desktop Support

We offer Desktop Support for a variety of IT services and software-related issues.


We will assist you with building a process, formal or informal, to properly acquire information technology hardware and software.


Our team of security professionals can support your organization with clarity and vision.


We can provide administrative support services, enabling the IT units to focus on their core functions and maximize efficiency.

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Our real-time dashboards provide you direct access to the services we provide to your group. This includes detailed access to unfiltered data covering many different areas: response and resolution times, survey scores of tickets, tickets by date and time, etc. Dashboards and reports are customized to key performance indicators that are relevant to your business.